Seriously, America?: A pair of House Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling... ›



House Democrats push legislation to overturn Citizens United ruling

By Mike Lillis

Sponsored by Reps. John Conyers (Mich.), senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and Donna Edwards (D-Md.), the proposal would amend the Constitution to empower Congress and the states to limit corporate spending on political activities.

“Last year, the Supreme Court overturned decades of law and declared open season on our democracy,” Conyers said in a news release. “It is individual voters who should determine the future of this nation, not corporate money.”

In the controversial Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court ruled that government limits on corporate funding of political broadcasts for or against individual candidates violate the rights to free speech guaranteed under the Constitution. 

The ruling effectively undid certain provisions of the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law, which was designed to prevent a deluge of corporate money in elections.


Keep an eye on Donna Edwards.  She is smart, articulate and liberal, thank goddess.

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    … But take a look at some of the article’s first comments, undoubtedly from the teabaggiest of rightwing nutjobs: When...
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    Keep an eye on Donna Edwards. She is smart, articulate and liberal, thank goddess.
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    hope this gets passed, but won’t be surprised if it won’t.
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    Sir and Madam I applaud you! Bravo!
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    Nice gesture. Too bad this has no chance in hell of passing.
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    GO HOUSE! I just want to make up a cheerleader outfit and go stand in the observers’ gallery at Congress. Thank you...