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George Will Exposes GOP’s Weak Response To Fluke Outrage

- showing the power conservative media has over the Republican party


#OccupyWallStreet AND move your money

WHAT IF YOU DISCOVERED THAT YOUR BANK was bailed out with billions of taxpayer dollars but is currently fighting new reforms to re-regulate the financial sector, was at the nexus of the foreclosure crisis, is laying off 30,000 people, plans to charge you to use your debit card, yet continues to reward its executives with multi-million dollar salaries?

Top five reasons to move your money from Bank of America

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Apocalyptic GOP Is Dragging Us Into a Civil War ›


That’s why the term ‘Cult of Republicanism’ has surfaced.


But for the new GOP, compromise of any kind defeats their central purpose, which is political totale krieg. This party’s entire reason for being is conflict and aggression. There is no underlying patriotic instinct to find middle ground with the rest of us, because the party doesn’t have a vision for society that includes anyone outside the tent.

My blog is generally about atheism and religion.  Of late though, I can’t help but see the GOP as becoming one huge religious cult.  It scares the hell out of me.


I hate it when I have to spend time in a waiting area somewhere and that damn Fox News is on the screen. Fox News fans are trolls. Small minded, little, ugly trolls.



Fox polled viewers at home:

“If you had to cut a government department, what would you cut?”

  • The Labor Department - 8%
  • The EPA - 12%
  • Housing and Urban Development - 12%
  • Education - 47%
  • None - 20%

Seriously, America?



Joe Heller

As usual, President Obama is the only one making sense.


Ben Sargent

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Pro-life is OFFICALLY over. The meaningless political stance [who isn’t pro-life?] is now a front for pro-suffering and pro-indifference, matched by their previous pro-torture policies.

The GOP, the supposed party of life, cheers affirmative when countered, “should society let this man die” after being asked who hypothetically should help an uninsured man with cancer.

A for-profit health care system championed by the Republicans is the worst case of hypocrisy you can imagine. Every life is precious? My ass. If you don’t have money, then you’re on your own.

Ron Paul, a doctor, says “freedom is your own risk?” What a vacuous shitty thing to say about a very specific situation. His sage medical wisdom and years of public service comes down to “sucks to be you”.

Countries on our level like Japan, Germany, France, England, and even Iraq take care of their own through socialized health care, regardless of money.

America is the ONLY country in the world where you go bankrupt due to medical costs.

The GOP/Tea Party/Libertarian fish rotted from the head down. Last night, we got a whiff of the smell.

Even Rick Perry was shocked: “I was a bit taken aback by that myself. We’re the party of life. We ought to be coming up with ways to save lives.”

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This might be the best thing I have ever seen.

Perhaps add “and I backed down as soon as they started being so stubborn.”



Solyndra for Dummies.


Since when did Unions get any money from this?

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Apocalyptic GOP Is Dragging Us Into a Civil War | Matt Taibbi ›

Lofgren, in describing the reasons for his defection from the Republican party, describes a Republican camp that increasingly acts not like a traditional peacetime political organization, but more like an apocalyptic cult or one of the authoritarian movements from early 20th century European history.

In particular, the insane decision to turn the once-routine procedure of raising the debt ceiling (Lofgren notes it was done 87 times since WWII) into a political crisis revealed that the GOP party mainstream had sunk to the level of terrorism – holding our economic system hostage in exchange for political concessions. 

This was a form of violence, and a serious escalation even from the days of George W. Bush, when the party was mostly limited in its willingness to use human beings as pawns in homicidal ploys for political power. Bush and Rove were willing to sacrifice Iraqi lives, and the lives of American servicemen, for oil and votes. But this current crew of Republicans shook canisters of kerosene over the entire American population and threatened to light a match if it didn’t get what it wanted. 

As Lofgren notes, this was insurrectionary, revolutionary behavior. Only the massive scale of the gambit prevented it from being easily identified as terrorism and criminal blackmail. If in exchange for not defaulting on our debt Boehner, Hensarling, Cantor and the rest of them had asked for a billion dollars worth of gold bullion deposited in Swiss bank accounts, or the release of a dozen Baader-Meinhofs from German prisons, it could hardly have been much different from what they actually did.

I think most Americans can agree that reducing the public debt is a goal we can all share – and in the old days of thirty or forty years ago, when congress operated on a more collegial model that involved members from opposing parties getting together on weekends to achieve reasonable compromises over golf and highballs, the Rs and Ds could have found a way to press forward with reasonable deficit reduction plans without pushing us all to the edge of a cliff. 

But for the new GOP, compromise of any kind defeats their central purpose, which is political totale krieg. This party’s entire reason for being is conflict and aggression. There is no underlying patriotic instinct to find middle ground with the rest of us, because the party doesn’t have a vision for society that includes anyone outside the tent.

I’ve always been queasy about piling on against the Republicans because it’s intellectually too easy; I also worry a lot that the habit pundits have of choosing sides and simply beating on the other party contributes to the extremist tone of the culture war. 

But the time is coming when we are all going to be forced to literally take sides in a political conflict far more serious and extreme than we’re used to imagining. The situation is such a tinderbox now that all it will take is some prominent politician to openly acknowledge the fact of a cultural/civil war for the real craziness to begin. 

Reading Lofgren’s piece, and a piece by John Judis of the New Republic, makes one realize that we came pretty close to real chaos in that debt ceiling debate. Had Obama invoked emergency powers to raise the debt limit unilaterally – and I think he had good reasons to do that – we might have had a revolt on our hands.

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Why "Rational Reason" Doesn't Work in Contemporary Politics ›

After the Goldwater defeat of 1964, conservatism was a dirty word and most Americans wanted to be liberals, especially working people who were highly unionized. Lee Atwater and colleagues, working for the 1968 Nixon campaign, had a problem: How to get a significant number of working people to become conservative enough to vote for Nixon.

They intuited what I have since called “biconceptualism” (see The Political Mind) — the fact that many Americans have both conservative and progressive views, but in different contexts and on different issues. Mutual inhibition in brain circuitry means the strengthening of one weakens the other. They found a way to both strengthen conservative views and weaken liberal views, creating a conservative populism. Here’s how they did it.

They realized that by the late 60’s many working people were disturbed by the anti-war demonstrations; so Nixon ran on anti-communism. They noticed that many working men were upset by radical feminists. So they pushed traditional family values. And they realized that, after the civil rights legislation, many working men, especially in the South, were threatened by blacks. So they ran Nixon on law and order. At the same time, they created the concept of “the liberal elite” — the tax and spend liberals, the liberal media, the Hollywood liberals, the limosine liberals, and so on. They created language for all these ideas and have been repeating it ever since.

Even though liberals have worked tirelessly for the material benefit of working people, the repetition of conservative populist frames over more than 40 years has had an effect. Conservative ideas have spread in the brains of conservative populists. The current Tea Party movement is an attempt to spread conservative populism further.

Debate Live Blog Part I


Herman Cain supports a universal 9% income tax, because if 10% is good enough for the church, 9% should be good enough for the federal government.  Because the church totally has to offer health care to all of its members, and fix roads, and fight wars (ok maybe crusades).

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Huntsman to Romney and Perry: Pay attention to me. My job creation record is better that yours. 

I’m just waiting for Sarah Palin to parachute onto the debate floor.


It’d be all over the blogosphere. 


Perry on immigration: We need boots on the ground and Predator drones to secure the border with Mexico.