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darksilenceinsuburbiaJason Thielke. Big Horn Sheep, 2010. Laser etch, aerosol, ink on wood panel, 23 x 30”. Private Colection

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Wheatfield With Crows - Van Gogh



Here at OBEY, we are always in support of a grassroots effort to change the world for the better. These FREE downloadable posters are promotional materials to help support the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Click the link below, download the posters and make your voice be heard! For more information on the Occupy Movement, please visit

Designer dissent or legitimate protest? Does it matter? I had a conversation with a friend of mine about these downloadable posters from Shepard Fairey and this article from The Daily Squib and I don’t think we really came to a conclusion. Feel free to weigh in.

The Daily Squib is a parody site much like The Onion, but I’ve heard similar comments from people who are completely serious, i.e. this excerpt:

“The rest of the world is suffering a true recession where children are going hungry and dying in the streets, and you’ve got these bloated retards protesting in Wall Street, their country has plundered the resources of every nation in the world so these idiots can drive the 5 MPG SUV’s that their poppa bought them. It makes me sick to the stomach that these people have the front to say they are in hardship. They turn on the tap and they get water, they flick a switch and get electricity, they ask daddy for money and he hands it over,” an angry witness to the Wall Street protests told the New York Times.

My friend asked if I thought these signs would contribute to an image of the protest as a set of vaguely unsatisfied, privileged white hipsters from Brooklyn. Truth be told, I don’t know. I feel like people who hold that opinion already won’t be dissuaded by more “authentic” hand-painted signs. So there’s that…

I’m torn - I realize that many may not be in the top % of society, but in no way do that have of worst then many who leave a block away in the projects or other low income neighborhoods - but we all have bee shafted by the American Dream one way or another - I’m actually disappointed there aren’t Mrs minoritiesbat these protests, but themln again there would be no way they’d be allow to stay in Zuccotti Park for a month - NYPD would have cleared them out on day one

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by Robert Farkas

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Eric Drooker, this week’s cover artist, has been glued to the news about Occupy Wall Street. “Manhattan Island has become more and more an exclusive place for the super wealthy, or the super corporations—and a hostile place for people to live, not just for the working class, but even for the middle class,” Drooker says. “The city has become this monolithic cathedral to money.” Here, a selection of New Yorker covers that reflect on tough economic times:

AGREE 10000%!!!

The Amazing Art Of Banksy - Gallery 6 - 10 HQ Stencils

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Martin Scorsese.

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Tomas Giorello’s Superman Batman 87



This whole bolded capitalized Q think still kills me. Like when did he ever do that do his name? (Never.) Were you personally friends with him and he approved of this? Were ya’ll so close you had a special way in which you’d like to present his name, cause ya’ll are bestest buds? Do I need to be in a cool person’s club to join in or this or…?


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Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child 

I watched this documentary a few nights ago and it was absolutely AMAZING. I never realized how influential Basquiat was for our generations artists. A vast collection of his artworks were left when he died at the age of 27 due to a heroin overdose resulting from Andy Warhol’s death. They had a really close friendship. He left over 1,000 paintings as well as over 1,000 drawings. He rose to fame at the age of 19 as a graffiti artist using the pseudonym “SAMO”. He really was a genius. He used mainly art historical/black history references in most of his work. 

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Greg Capullo’s Dark Knight